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Vaughn Brown

Hello, Brian,


Thank you. I explored Outlook and think I can better explain my goal.


Keep in mind that I am speaking of Win. 10. Apps are similarly named in Windows and Apple devices.


I noticed that Mail has somehow downloaded my contacts. I have an account in Mail for 2 Gmail accounts and an .edu account. I am able to comfortably switch between accounts and able to use address books from each one.


In Outlook the setup is similar regarding accounts. I am receiving emails for each account. Figuring that my university account was the default I ended up removing “my outlook data 1” and defaulting that data to my personal Gmail account. What it looks like a list of address books but no substance. I am truly perplexed as the Mail app automatically downloaded my contacts whereas Outlook did not.


I realized that MS Exchange is for school and work. I also wonder if my Windows 10 being an academic version has anything to do with the settings. It seems to be influencing other computer settings. But I personally purchased Office 365. And registered my personal email for that 365 account.


I read and attempted the whole webmail for Gmail and export my contacts but during the process I realized that this didn’t feel right.


Pardon for the long email but I wanted to be clear. I prefer Outlook as I find it more accessible.


Look forward to your response.





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My guess is that this is controlled by which account is set as your primary/default account if you have multiple accounts set up in Outlook.

Try ALT+F,I,S,A  (File Tab, Account Info, Account Settings dropdown, Account settings item).  At this point the account settings dialog will appear, and I'm going to presume you're familiar with it.  Take a cruise through the account list and see if the one currently set as default is that Exchange account.  If you then change the default account to Gmail it's likely to use the repositories associated with that as "first port of call."

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