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mike mcglashon

Speaking of that,

I often encounter sites that “alt+left arrow” doesn’t work at all;

This especially happens in legal research websites such as lexis and westlaw;

When I am in a search results page,

Then open one of the cases in my results,

Then try to alt+left arrow back,

It stays on the page with the case I am reading;

I always wondered how come alt+left arrow doesn’t work at all sometimes;



Please advise as you like.


Mike M.


Mike mcglashon

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Also, if a link does shift you out of the site you were in, all it takes is a click of the Back button in your browser to go straight back to the page you just left, provided you haven't browsed around to multiple pages in the site you were taken to.  Back only works one page at a time, but if you do it immediately after a site shift you go right back to where you were.

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