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On Sat, Oct 24, 2020 at 01:11 PM, Mike B wrote:
Are you suggesting that it might be better for those of us that have no vision or low vision to use a mouse for invoking the right mouse click if we have a mouse available verses using the keystroke?
Not exactly.  I have not encountered any real difference with right mouse click versus using the Context Menu/Applications Key or SHIFT+F10.  But, I have encountered problem after problem with emulated left mouse click.

As I noted, on a laptop one shields the mousepad portion that controls mouse movement, or on a desktop one masks the laser on the underside of the mouse itself (or removes the ball, if you have a really ancient mouse), to avoid unintentional mouse movement.  Then, if you have focus (sometimes requiring routing of screen reader to PC, but not always) you can simply left click instead of going through the gyrations with emulated left click, which I often find does not work.

Having been in "the accessibility business" for a very long time now I do not understand why mouse use with a mouse suitably modified to prevent accidents is not encouraged more often.  I understand why one would not ever want to use an unmodified mouse/mouse pad, as movement of the pointer can and often does blow what you're attempting to do out of the water.  But if you make things such that the mouse no longer controls the pointer, it gives you the two, real, hard mouse keys for use when you need them.  The modifications are simple and result in another arrow in the accessibility quiver.  And an arrow one need only use if one so chooses when it makes life easier.

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