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Dan Longmore

The right mouse click has benefits over the key strokes especially for those who are sighted. It is slightly faster than a key stroke and does not require that your finger leave the mouse for a key stroke. As a blind individual I still find myself using the right click with a keystroke instead of the application key .
Force of habit and what is "used to". I am glad that the application key and F10 keys are a good alternative but I don't know that one is better than another.


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Mark and everyone else on the list,
Haven't you ever wondered why sighted folk use a right mouse button?
Why would they right click on anything?
Why is it even there?
That is why we have an applications key, or for computers without one, you can do shift + F10.
Every file type and item on the computer gives you options to it that are relative to the object that you right click on, whether it is a picture file, audio file, or web page or eMail link.
Try going to a web link and doing applications or shift + F10 and see what your options are.
You can copy the link, from one of the options, and you can paste that into notepad or a blank message for inspection, and you'll have your answer.
I wonder if folks even use the applications key or shift + F10 sometimes.
It has so many implications that will save users a lot of unneeded steps.

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Adrian, could you explain how to tell what these clues are?

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Copy the link and paste it into the Google search field. The results are
likely to give you clues.

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is it possible to get information about a link, like to know if takes
you to a different site?

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