moderated Re: Windows 10 October Update May Not Work With JAWS 2019

Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 02:47 PM 10/23/2020, Joseph Lee wrote:
I suspect it has to do with Chromium Edge, and if yes, I urge Vispero
to make an announcement soon.
First of all, a Microsoft Disability answer Desk technician's assertions that the latest Windows release doesn't work with JAWS 2019 may be rumor or misinformation, since most of those folks have never actually tested any Windows releases with any screen readers.
Second, I see no real reason why JAWS 2019 must keep getting developed and updated in order to work with new Windows releases, when that version is already two versions behind the impending 2021. This is not a case of Microsoft steaming ahead without consulting the blind; it's a case of the blind not wanting to fork over cash for the most expensive screen reader on the market just to experience accessibility with current Windows releases.

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