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On Fri, Oct 23, 2020 at 06:46 PM, Sharon wrote:
Why would you even need more than one desktop?
I don't use them, either, but it's just another organization option.  As Mike McGlashon has mentioned, many people use a separate virtual desktop to create a "cyber world" related to a specific sphere they want one for, and generally where multiple programs are actively involved in each sphere.

It's sort of like "browser windows and tabs on steroids" in a way.  We can create as many browser tabs as we want in a given browser instance, and even separate browser instances, each in their own window, that has multiple tabs open.  I know of people who have either a separate browser window, or sometimes who use different browsers, and use each for a specific purpose.  I keep four browsers open at once, and have separate e-mail addresses open in webmail in each, and it's the same webmail in a specific browser all the time, so when I want to check certain accounts I know to look in a specific browser, and always to the tab I keep leftmost/first in the collection of open tabs.

It's all a method to cyber organize so that you can keep things together that you want together and separate that you want separate.  I really can see Mike's example as a perfect one for when you might be, say, writing papers for several different classes, and wanting to have reference material open for each class/paper, and it's way easier to know what's what when each of those collections of programs, activities, and purposes exists in its own little virtual world.

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