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CathyAnne & Bill,

          CathyAnne is absolutely correct that there is no way to automatically place the insert point in replies or forwards such that it is after the quoted material.  You have to use the keyboard shortcut noted to move your insertion point before typing.  There are settings in Outlook Options (ALT+F,T), Mail (M) Pane, under the Replies and Forwards section that allow you to tweak exactly how material being replied to or forwarded is to be handled.  There is a dropdown box for When Replying to a message and When Forwarding a message, and I will do my best to describe what option does:

1. Include Original Message Text - Default choice whether Replying or Forwarding.  Insert point for the new content will be set at the beginning of the message, so, effectively, this makes all the earlier content bottom posted.

2. Do not include original message - Reply Only option - Exactly what it says.  You get a blank message with no quoted content at all when you reply.

3. Attach original message - Reply or Forward option - Again, what it says.  The message you are replying to is attached to the reply and would have to be opened to be read.

4. Include and indent original message text - Reply or Forward option - Exactly what it says.  The bottom quoted material is inset beneath the new material by one tab stop for the entire message content.

5. Prefix each line of the original message - Reply or Forward Option -  Uses block quoting format in the reply for the original message, which is placed below the insertion point for your new content.  This can come in very handy if you occasionally top quote or use an interspersed quote-reply format, since most screen readers can easily jump in to or out of block quoted material.  There is no physical indentation, but you get the standard "block quote line" to the left side of the quoted material.

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