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in which case, the only way to regain focus is to either hold down alt and press tab until the program is spoken, and release the alt and tab keys, or press insert+f10, arrow to the program in question and press enter. the former is sort of a toggle, cycling thru what's running.

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Subject: A website question which may involve Jaws focus

The lost focus setting determines whether JAWS announces that focus has
been lost. It doesn’t fix the problem.

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I vaguely remember some unnamed keystroke that one could use if Jaws has
lost focus; that keystroke rotored through various settings.

As the result of another reply, I have tried using Firefox, but unless I
can modify settings, Firefox was painfully slow in responding.  I
haven’t tried Edge yet, and Chrome is the browser which is having
difficulties with the website.


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I'm not sure what you mean about Rotor keystrokes.  The only rotor
navigation I'm aware of is on an iPhone.  Have you tried using the Touch

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4:20 AM 10/23/2020

Hi everyone,

I have a website-based question; I am using Windows 10 and Jaws 2020.

I am the primary admin for a Eucharistic adoration ministry in my
parish, and that ministry uses a web-based application called We Adore
Him to control adorer scheduling.  I have successfully used the software
since August 2018 and, after being shut down by COVID-19 since
mid-March, we are preparing to open the chapel again.  As a result, I
have been assisting adorers to choose an hour in the weekly calendar.
All went well until Wednesday, October 21, when the weekly calendar
suddenly would not display when I arrowed to it; it now displays the
hour at midnight, tells me that one slot is available, and when I arrow
down in order to go to a particular hour of the day, I am at the bottom
of the screen.

I am using the Jaws cursor which appears for all websites, and I have
checked to be sure that my screen is maximized and in full-screen mode
in Chrome.  A sighted tech-savvy friend has assisted me via Zoom and
screen-share, and she tells me that the full schedule, showing adorers
signed up for this or that hour--is showing on the screen.  I have
contacted On Fire Media to ask them if they have been testing and that
might be the reason for my issue, but they have not.  They are aware of
Jaws and have a demo copy to use.  I can navigate the screen in My
Dashboard if I want to update the settings in my account, but whenever I
choose "Schedule", choose the particular week, I only see the first entry.

I honestly don't know if this is a Jaws focus issue or something
entirely different.  Can you please remind me of the keystrokes for the
rotor which a user can look at in the case of a focus issue?  Or,
alternatively, do you have other suggestions?

I have tried everything I can think of.

Thank you for any ideas or suggestions,

Greg Daniel

Columbus, Ohio

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