moderated Re: Fillable PDF‘s

Abraham Sweiss

Hello Bonnie,


First thing I would try is to turn off the jaws cursor with insert + z.

Second option I would test is see if the .pdf can be opened in MS Word, make the changes and then save as .pdf. 


I think the latest and greatest versions of Word support .pdf out of the box.  If I am wrong, certain someone on this list will correct me.



Thanks, Abraham            


From: Bonnie Vegiard
Sent: Friday, October 23, 2020 2:06 PM
Subject: Fillable PDF‘s


Hello group,

I am using fusion 2020. I have a PDF I need to fill out for work. There is a fill and sign button on the right, and that allowed me to put a cursor in the fields on the PDF. I can tell that because I use the magnification part effusion. However, jaws will not allow me to fill anything out. Any idea of how I can go about filling out this form?


Thanks very much,

Bonnie Vegiard





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