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Is there a list of anymore of these quick keys features?

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Hello D,
Another way to spell check in word is to turn on quick keys with jaws key z
and press M and shift M to navigate to misspelled words.
Of course, pressing M with quick keys turned on will navigate forward to
misspelled words and shift M will reverse it.
Once you land on a misspelled word press F 10 or applications key and a list
of suggestions will populate. Use your up and down arrow keys to your
preferred suggestion and press enter.

Take care.

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Subject: spelling errors

I've changed something in my MSWord 2010 with my jaws 13 Jaws is now
speaking to me "spelling error" when there is a misspelled word and I don't
want it to do that.
When I do an F7 sometimes jaws tells me suggestion list not available and
sometimes I can get to the list of suggestions but Jaws will not read the
choices by spelling them even using insert numpad 5 twice.
My thesaurus isn't doing a thing!
any help or pointing me towards a direction would be appreciated.

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