Re: Getting embedded links to work again in Outlook Express

Tom Behler


Believe it or not, I tried all three of the suggestions you sent, and the
problem still persists.

Interestingly, when I do the two options involving the Jaws key plus f7, and
I'm in the body of the e-mail with my cursor positioned on the embedded
link, Jaws says "no links".

Tom Behler

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Subject: Re: Getting embedded links to work again in Outlook Express

Hi Tom,

Below are a few different notes I have saved regarding your issue.
From: "Alan Dicey" <>
Hello Ron, and others,
The way I have always opened links is to position my curser on them.
Then do a JAWS Key F7
Tab once .
This "Moves to Link"
Tab again
This "activates" the link
then hit Enter
I have opened links like this since JAWS 3.3

From: "Justin Williams" <>

also, if you just do an insert f7, and press enter on the link, then itd
would also work.

From: "Victor" <>

Hi Lenny and everyone else experiencing this problem.

Press insert+Z. Do it several times until Jaws states on for all

I don't know why this happens, but suffice it to say, this seems to happen
to me quite frequently.

Will have to write Jaws tech support about it.


From: "Rick Justice" <>

Hi Victor,
It would be helpful to folks if you told what the keystroke does.
Jaws key + Z, toggles the virtual cursor on and off.
Rick Justice

From: "Lenny McHugh" <>

Hi Rick,
That was also a question that I was going to ask. I don't know what it does
in the background but it does correct the problem. I just opened an email
with several links and none were identified as links. I used insert z three
times and the links in the email were identified. What an interesting

Hope at least 1 of these helped you. Take care.

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Subject: Getting embedded links to work again in Outlook Express

Hello, everyone.

I am not sure if this is a Jaws issue, or something else, so I hope this
won't be considered to be too "off topic" for the list.

I currently use Outlook Express as my e-mail program on this Windows XP

I used to be able to directly access embedded links in an e-mail, but seem
to have lost that capability recently.

I have gone into the Options under Outlook Express, and made sure the box
that says "read only in plain text" was un-checked.

This has not solved my problem.

Can anyone else tell me what to try either in Outlook Express, or maybe
in Jaws to get embedded links to work again?

Thanks very much.

Tom Behler from Michigan

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