moderated Re: Creating a group in outlook

Andrew J. LaPointe

Hi All, just in case you haven't done this yet, what I did for a
group list is open word and on each line, insert an email address hit enter
then add another email from the group you want to send messages to until you
have inserted all the email addresses for your group, organization or
company ect. Save it in word and name it for that group. I same mine on
the desk top. When I need to send to the group, I open the word file then
select each line and copy it to the clipboard. When I create a new message,
I paste all the list to (to) field. Then tab to the subject and finally,
create the body of the message. I don't know if that would be easier for
you but, creating a group and adding email addresses is not working for me.
Hope this helps some of you. Andy and Shubert R.I.P

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