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Richard Turner

Yes Brian,

I agree with you.

I’ve tried using your keystrokes and I just get the default beep after alt+h.

I’m using Office 365 Outlook 2016 and after creating the name of the group, after alt+h no matter what letter I press, I get the sound that says “sorry, you cannot do that,” i.e. the default beep.


I must have something set up oddly, which will not surprise me.

I have to just tap the alt key and arrow or tab to get to the add members button, which gives the shortcut you list, but I cannot do it just using the keys…

Very odd.

I’m fine with the way I do it as it works, it ends up just being different.





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On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 12:43 PM, Ron Pelletier wrote:

The e-mail addresses must be in your contact list before you can create a group.

This is incorrect and needs to stop being repeated.  You can put entries from Address Book, Contacts, or New Email Addresses into any contact group.

I honestly think I must be talking to the air most of the time when I post step-by-step instructions that cover exactly what to do and they're ignored, and the same things that have been discussed or corrected are brought up again, hours to days later, because reading through an entire topic before adding to it is not being done.

Members, please read through a topic to determine what's been said by everyone before you add your own next message to it.  It prevents repetition, for one thing.

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