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Mike B.

Hi Jim,
I wonder if that could be the predictive search feature that some browsers have?

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Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2020 9:03 AM
Subject: JAWS speaks random characters as I type

I have been encountering this issue for a while now and I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience.
JAWS 2020 (August build)
Windows 10 2004 fully patched, but not running 20H2.
This problem is mostly seen in Edge (Chromium and up to date), but does occur at times in other applications.
JAWS speaks random characters as I type.  For example I can type the letter “A” but JAWS will speak another character, not necessarily a letter, it can be a number or symbol.  Even if I type the same letter a second or third time JAWS will continue to speak random characters.  What is actually being typed is the actual letter I am pressing.
This is a fresh install of Windows 10 and besides the drivers from Dell the only other software installed is Office 365.  The machine is not cluttered up with dozens of installs nor is the registry cluttered with the bits of uninstalled apps.
I need to unload JAWS and reload it to fix the issue.
Dell blames Vispero.  Vispero blames Microsoft and of course Microsoft blames them both and tells me to purchase a Surface and run Narrator.
Also, in Edge if I use the letter “H” to move by headings I will often get error messages saying that I am pressing the incorrect key, or I will get messages like “There are no frames on the page” or “There are no buttons on the page”.
The laptop is new (May of this year) and I am fairly new to JAWS, but not computers or screen readers.  On a side note I am running Win10 ((build 2004), JAWS 2020 (August release) as a VM on my Mac Book and I don’t have this issue.
I would be interested to hear if anyone else has seen this issue.

Jim Weiss

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