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On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 11:44 AM, Van Lant, Robin wrote:
The only real downside to creating groups in outlook is that a person in your group has to  be a contact. In other words, you cannot just type a bunch of email addresses into the group.

            Actually, the addresses can be added without being in either Contacts or Address book.  In the instructions for creating a Contact Group that I referenced earlier, I omitted that option since it's not often used.  At Step number three, you actually have three different options, and I only discussed two.  All three start with the keyboard sequence ALT+H,M followed by:

A - If you wish to add an existing Address Book entry to the group
C - If you wish to add an existing Contact to the group
E - If you wish to add a random email address that's in neither of the above to the group (New email contact in the submenu).

If you do an ALT+H,M,E you are presented with a dialog box containing the following, in order:

Display Name edit box
email address edit box
email type box, defaults to SMTP, almost never changed
Custom type button, affiliated with the email type edit box, almost never activated
Internet Format dropdown box, which defaults to, Let Outlook decide the best sending format, but which also has the options, Send plain text only, and, Send using Outlook rich text format
Checkbox, Add to contacts, which is checked by default
The typical OK and Cancel button pair at the bottom

Admittedly, you can't enter a long string of comma or semicolon separated "unknown" email addresses this way, but you can add each one by one and decide whether or not you want what you enter added to contacts or not as part of that process.


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