moderated Access to the NextDoorsite

Justin Mcdevitt <jhmcdev@...>

Hello Group,


For a number of years, I have been a member of the neighborhood site, specific to my immediate neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods.

Until recently, I have been able to post messages to the site which I attempted to do e arlier this morning. However, as soon as I opened the message link, and tabbed to the subject field, Jaws stopped speaking. Nonetheless, I tabbed to the message body field and began composing a message. Again, JAWS was silent, so I could not read the content of what I was writing.

I have been using Google Chrome for a couple of months. Could this be a Google issue, or do I need to do a JAWS repair, try a different browser or is Nextdoor no longer accessible as it has been, necessitating bringing this to their attention.  

I would guess that some of the US members have and do use this site.

Any help is appreciated.


Peace to all,  Justin  

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