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Richard B. McDonald

In addition to unchecking the "edit in cell" option, another thing I have
done is uncheck the option for "auto completion." The combination of these
two things has resulted in a resolution for me.

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I seem to have the same problem.

I normally use excel for a glossary of terms. As I am a university student,
numerous terms that I have to deal with are new to me. Therefore, I have an
excel work sheet divided into four columns. In the first Colum, I have a
word that requires a definition, in the second Columb I have the type of
word i.e. verb, noun, adjective, or adverb; then, in the third Columb I have
the definition, and finally, in the 4th Columb I have an example of the word
applied in a sentence.

I have often observed that when I am using f2 for a cell within the first
column, I can comfortably use my left and right arrows to check the spelling
of a particular word. However, if I go to my third or fourth Columb, which
constitutes of multiple words, I am unable to use jaws to navigate within
the cell. This is really strange, and I have not found a solution to this
problem. I have also tried the suggestion mentioned below with regards to
unchecking the 'allow editing directly in cells' box, but it seems to be
unsuccessful on my end.

If someone has a solution of this, I, likewise, will be very grateful.

Below are the specs of my computer:
Lenovo ThinkPad laptop with windows 10 running on it.
Jaws version 18.
Microsoft office 2016

With the best of wishes,


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1. In Excel, go to advanced options: alt-f, then t, then a.
2. Tab to "allow editing directly in cells" and be sure it is not checked.

Good luck!
At 07:37 PM 10/19/2020, you wrote:

Lately, I have noticed that when I hit the F2 key to edit a cell, JAWS
reads the contents, but I cannot move through the contents of a cell.
For example if I want to check the spelling of an entry, I usually hit
F2 and arrow back and forth to see the spelling. I do the same thing if
I want to check a formula. Am I missing a JAWS or Excel setting?

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