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Amanda Crocker

You can get a JAWS dongle for this. Basically it’s a USB that holds the license. JAWS needs to be installed on both machines but you don’t need to purchase a license for both machines. You buy a JAWS dongle from freedom scientific. It holds the license.


So I have the dongle on my laptop at home. I also have JAWS installed on my laptop at home. I turn JAWS on on my home laptop. I then remote into my machine in the office and turn JAWS on on my work machine. There is only 1 license for both JAWS.


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Subject: Re: A Question About JAWS Accessibility


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Hi Lynn, 


I have successfully used JAWS with a virtual desktop.  JAWS needs to be installed on the virtual desktop as well as your "personal" desktop.   I cannot recall the keyboard commands to switch between desktops but it does work.  If you want to email me off list you can do that.




Best, Lee Anne


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Subject: A Question About JAWS Accessibility


Hello everyone.  I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there.  I am currently job hunting for transcription jobs I can do from home and some of them say that my computer needs to be able to run virtual desktop interface.  Does anyone know if that is accessible with JAWS?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Lynne Moore


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