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Mike B.

If you export your settings beforehand you can import them back after you do the repair.  Steps below.
You export all your settings by going into the Jaws context menu with, Jaws key + J, if you run Jaws from the system tray.  Then go to, Utilities / Import 
/ Export settings submenu and press enter.  Now arrow down to, Export settings..., press enter, now make sure that the, Export all settings radio  button
is selected.  Tab to, next, press spacebar.  You're now in a dialog to select a name & save location, but the file will already be named and the default
location is the desktop, so tab to finish , press enter and all your settings for that Jaws version will be saved to the desktop.  After you install Jaws
just import this settings file.
How to Import Your Exported settings
1. Launch your JAWS context menu by pressing, Insert + J.
2. Use the arrow keys and find utilities.
3. Find and click on the Import/Export settings menu
4. Click on the Import Settings…
5. A dialogue will appear which says “a backup file”, so choose the browse option and find the backup file.
6. Press next

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It is not necessary to uninstall JAWS. Instead, run the installer for your version of JAWS and choose "repair" from the list of options. If you don't have the installer for your version you can obtain it by going to the Freedom Scientific Web site and selecting the Downloads link. Doing a repair will likely bring JAWS back to a default state, meaning that voice settings and hotkeys will go back to their original settings.

David Goldfield,
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On 10/20/2020 8:12 AM, Michael Munn wrote:
hi Tony, Unfortunately,  you have to uninstall and  reinstall Jaws  to get FSReader back. 
I hope I'm being helpful. 
Thanks for asking. 
Best regards
michael Munn  

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On Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 1:25 AM Tony Sohl <tonysohl@...> wrote:
Hi I have JAWS 2020 installed on my widnows 10 laptop however I
accidently unistalled the FS REader and is there a way to just download
the FS Readerw tithout having to reinstall JAWS?

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