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Hi richard  Thanks for this !!



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There is an easier way.

Open a blank document.

Press the applications key or shift+f10.

Hit f for font.

Make your adjustments.

Tab to “set as default.

Press spacebar or enter.

You will have a dialog that asks, for this document only, or for all documents based on the normal template, which is a radio button you tab to.

Once you set it to all documents, hit enter or tab to OK and hit enter.

Then, every document will be using that default.





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That’s a good solution, however, b sue to save the original normal.dat file.





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              If you want any document you create as a blank document to have 16-point font size all the time, you need to edit your Normal.dotm file, change it there, then save it.

              This file is located in your AppData folder for your account, which is typically not accessible for anyone unless you turn on Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives, at least so you can get at it then you can turn that setting off again, in Control Panel, File Explorer Options, View Tab.

               Once that's done, Open Word, then open file and navigate to C:\Users\{whatever belongs here for your account}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates and you'll find Normal.dotm there, which is the file you'll select to open.  Once it's open, change whatever it is that you'd like, including but not limited to font face, size, etc., then save the file.

                After that, all blank documents that you open will have the attributes that you set up in your Normal.dotm template.

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