moderated Re: braille display with jaws

Ashleigh Piccinino

You could try the Focus 40 Blue 5th Generation from Freedom Scientific. It’s  spendy, about 3,000 dollars. However, it’s well worth it in the end. This is wireless, of course untill you need the USB to charge. However, works well with JAWS connectivity. Unfortunately, need usb connected to use with JAWS on your PC.
Ashleigh Piccinino

On Oct 18, 2020, at 9:22 PM, Ali Ismail <haydaraliismail90@...> wrote:

Hi everyone,


I am new to this group, and I hope that my questions is appropriate to be addressed in here.


I was wondering if someone could advise me with regards to where I could purchase a portable wireless braille display (40 cells)?


I am a Jaws user; however, I love to engage in reading in braille. Although I like when Jaws would read to me a long piece of text, I still wish to also remained active with my braille reading skills. As braille books takes a lot of space, braille displays are just perfect when reading electronic text in braille.


I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this query.


With the best of wishes,




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