moderated Re: MS Edge and JFW 2020


this message is indicative coming from the JAWS scripts. use the speech feature in JAWS to copy what was exactly was. insert+spacebar and then h. then navigate to, select and copy it and let us know what it said.
the message exactl

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From: T. Civitello []
To: <>
Date: Sunday, October 18, 2020, 5:27 PM
Subject: MS Edge and JFW 2020
Have an annoying problem with Edge.  Using Jaws 2020, Win 7 and the
version of Edge that is supposed to work best with Win 7. When on a Web
site every time I press the enter key I get a long message about an
unknown function call followed by a long spelling out of letters and nu
numbers that occur too fast for me to recognize or copy.   Anyone know
how to cure this?  Thanks, Tom

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