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O.Addison Gethers

Hi Jed When I went on that links you give me in here this morning then I went to my sister stories page where she post the devotional then I press shift -down arrow to each line to the end then I press ctrl-c its not saying copy selectso why is not copying ? How do I get each line to the end to selected ,is it shift-down arrow ? Also I notice its in microsoft edge website and What is the jaws command keystroke in microsoft edge and google chrome got get website browe links ? I tried press f6 key that doesn't work right to get it to say http/

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Ah, well i just had the same problem. Let me offer a solution. This
should solve everything.
That should bring you back to what you know.



On 10/17/20, O.Addison Gethers <> wrote:
Hi All I have desktop and laptop computer window10 and jaws2020 !! I'm
getting frustrated when I'm on any of my fb friends stories post when I was
reading the stories post when I tried to to selected the devotional from
someone post when I press shift+down arrow to selects each line to the end
then I press ctrl + c to copy select so it won't say nothing and when I
was in where it's say like showed react when I press enter on showed
it won't even open the box where I can arrow down on love to press enter
keep taking me back to the top of the stories !! Why is jaws not doing
something right to copy with ctrl + c and not open show react ? What do I
need to work this out ?


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