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Laura Shumate <larelishumate@...>

Hi I just recently started using Microsoft Edge. The reason why is
that I heard that Internet Explorer was going to be phasing out. When
I tried to use the Mobile Facebook website it didn't want to work and
kept putting me in MS Edge.
Laura Shumate
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On 10/16/20, David Diamond <Daviddiamond2019@...> wrote:
I’ve not used Internet explorer for a long time. I got tired of the prompt
from websites that it was outdated and suggested to use Google or Firefox.
Edge is more like Google now so I use Edge primarily as my browser.

From: <> On Behalf Of Don Walls
Sent: October 15, 2020 9:51 PM
Subject: Re: TCM and JAWS

Bill, thanks for your response. I had been using Internet Explorer but with
your suggestion I tried Google Chrome. Like you, I’m using Windows 10 and
JAWS 2020. With Google Chrome I could read more of the website but must
admit had difficulty getting around the site and finding what I wanted.

I live in Canada but I may take you up on your offer and phone at a later

Many thanks for your quick responses.


From: Bill White
Sent: Thursday, October 15, 2020 7:44 PM
Subject: Re: TCM and JAWS

Hi, Don. I just used Google Chrome, Windows 10, and JAWS 2020 to read the
TCM schedule, and it was accessible to me.

Bill White

[] On Behalf Of Don Walls
Sent: Thursday, October 15, 2020 6:05 PM
Subject: TCM and JAWS

I’m wondering if anyone can offer suggestions. Last week TCM (Turner
Classic Movie) network changed their website. The daily movie schedule,
which used to be accessible with JAWS, now isn’t. I had a sighted friend
check and it’s on the screen. I tried copy and paste and then tried to
print but all that resulted was a huge sheaf of paper going through the
printer, evidently not detectable by my scanner!

TCM’s website is

This is hardly a significant issue but still I’d be glad of any help.



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