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Marty Hutchings

It sounds like your problem is with your email provider. I would be wondering how much other email is being blocked from your in box.

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From: Madison Martin
Sent: Thursday, October 15, 2020 10:10 AM
Subject: email question

Hi all,
I don't know if anyone can help me, or if there's even anything that can be
done, but I'm getting desperate as getting a gmail account (which is what the
list owner/moderator suggested) for one list is silly. Here's the situation:
I'm subscribed to this email list that's on Google Groups, don't know how long
it's been there. Anyway, it's a grate list and I've been a member for years.
Anyway, I haven't received any emails from the list in months. At first I just
thought that it wasn't active anymore, but it's very much still active. Yes I'm
still subscribed, and the owner/moderator checked my settings and I'm supposed
to receive all list mail. Yes I've checked my junk/spam folder and there's
nothing there. The email address has been added to the trusted senders list, and
I've tried unsubscribing and re-subscribing more then once and still nothing. I
can send messages to the list and they go through and list members can reply,
but I just don't receive any list mail. I'm running Windows 10 version 1909,
Jaws 2018 and Outlook 2013. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas, anything
I/my carrier/the moderator could/should check/try? Like I said it's a grate list
and I really don't want to have to unsubscribe perminatly or get a gmail account
for one list. Please help. Look forward to any thoughts/suggestions anyone may
have!!!!! Thank you so much, any help is much appreciated!!


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