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Justin Williams

If you need to turn off for a document protection you get,
Just do
Alt f, i then e.

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To turn off protected view in Word or Excel:

1. Press alt-f for the files menu and backstage view.
2. Press the letter 't' for options. This displays a list of categories
with settings you can tab to.
3. Arrow to the final category, which is trust center.
4. Tab to trust center settings dot dot dot and press enter. Here is yet
another list of categories with a gridful of options.
5. Arrow through the categories to protected view. there are three
checkboxes. Choose your preferences and tab to OK. You are still in the
grid and have to do another OK.

At 05:31 PM 10/14/2020, you wrote:

When I open them, I hit f6 and tab to enable editing and it works.

Then I can do a save as.

Microsoft is trying to be helpful and keep us from unwittingly opening
a file with a virus macro so it defaults to putting attachments in
protected view.

I find it is not hard to work with them and there may be a setting
buried somewhere that would let you remove that protection from happening.

I never open an attachment unless I am 100% sure it is from someone I
know and that I was expecting it.


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I'm using the most recent versions of Jaws2020 and MS word2016. When
ever someone sent me a MS word file it is always in protected mode.
A number of people that sent me the file didn't send the file in
protected mode. Is there a way to stop this from happening? To read it
I have to move in and out of the window. I cannot save the file so I
would copy it and paste it in another file. I was able to save
attachments in Outlook. I still would like to be able to open the file
from the email, read it and then save it.



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