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Richard Turner

Thank you Mr. Vogel.


I have a very nit-picky request.

Since your link did not say it was to a word document, I clicked on it thinking it would take me to a web site.

Since I know you are trustworthy, I opened the file and enable editing.


Please state when a link is to a file rather than a web resource.


Or, what I and others might prefer is to just paste the contents into the body of the message.


Like I say, I know that is being a bit nit-picky, but there you have it.


Thanks for the directions, they are very helpful.




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Adjusting Protected View Settings in MS-Office Programs

I am like Mr. Turner in that I only open any MS-Office file format if I have every reason to believe it is safe to do so.  Anything downloaded, whether via e-mail or otherwise, is scanned by Windows Security before I can ever touch it.

I agree that Microsoft is trying to  be helpful, but for me, personally, it's overkill.  If one is circumspect about what one opens, and the sources from which one will open something, you are very unlikely to have an issue.  If you're someone who does not wish to do this, then keep protected mode on, as it could save a world of hurt.

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