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Marty Hutchings

Insert space with grov key didn't work for me for volume setting status. I usually go to the system tray by hitting Insert and F11 and then arrowing down to Speakers and pressing Enter. This will open the system volume controls. You will find the main volume and the JAWS volume here. They are sliders that you can adjust with your Up and Down arrows. HTH.

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to get rid out from the volume notification, press insert space with grov key.

On 10/14/20, Shirley Tracy <> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I’m using a desktop computer running Windows 10 and JAWS 2020, latest
update. This may seem like a silly question, but I haven’t needed to change
volume for JAWS in a very long time. Now, for some reason, the sound that
comes through my ear buds is so loud it’s painful. I can’t seem to find
where I turn volume up or down. Please, someone help. I want to keep my


Shirley Tracy

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