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In the shortcut properties if you keep tabbing, you will find a combo box that you can set to run maximized.
Then tab to OK and hit enter.
Then when you run the shortcut it will be maximized.

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On Oct 13, 2020, at 3:56 AM, Rick Miller <rm1263@...> wrote:

Dear David:


If that is the case, I think that updating the tutorial would be a great idea.




Rick Miller


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Hello rick! There is now a Windows command that will maximize any window you are in! Now, just open chrome, and make sure your focus is in the chrome window. Now, simply hold down the windows key and tap the up arrow key, and chrome will be maximized right then and there. That Windows command is there it was added after I wrote that tutorial! I should update that tutorial to be more compatible with the latest versions of Windows 10. I do believe you have to be using Windows 10, however! David Moore


On Tue, Oct 13, 2020, 1:20 AM Rick Miller <rm1263@...> wrote:

Dear David:


I am reviewing the tutorial you put together about the Chrome browser a little over a year ago.  I am trying to be sure Chrome is maximized.  In the tutorial, you said to go to the Chrome shortcut on your desktop, hit Alt+Enter to get to the Properties page, be sure you are on the Shortcut tab, then tab once to see if Chrome is maximized.  When I go to the Shortcut tab and hit the tab key, instead of saying whether or not Chrome is maximized it says, “Target,” and then speaks the location of Chrome on my computer.  It doesn’t say anything at all about maximization.  I am now using Windows 10 and the JAWS Beta release.




Rick Miller


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