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There is no statement from the original poster that there is any ad blocker, hence my comment.  Regardless of which one he may have installed, I'd give the following advice:

1. Ignore the demand it be turned off and try what you're trying to do anyway.  Very often these warnings are given solely because there is a desire to serve up ads, not because the function will not work when an ad blocker is on.  It's always worth trying.

2. As someone already mentioned, you can go to the Chrome Extensions page, ALT+F,L,E [Menu, More Tools option, Extensions], locate your ad block extension and either toggle it off (most likely) or remove it entirely (not a good idea).

3. If you find you do need to have the Ad Blocker disabled, then I'd take the effort to actually have it turn itself off for the site where you need it to be turned off without being disabled entirely.  I no longer use AdBlock Plus, so cannot tell you the exact steps to do this under that extension.  I went to uBlock Origin in all browsers that don't have ad-blocking built in quite a while back.

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