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Mike B.

Try the following:
1. Open the menues with, Alt + F, and up arrow to, submenu More Tools, and press enter. 
2. Down arrow to, Extensions, and press enter.
3. Down arrow to find this AdBlocker extension and when you find it down arrow to the, Details button, and press the spacebar.  Now tab 1 time to, Extension Enabled Toggle button Pressed.
4. Press the spacebar so that Jaws reports, Extension Enabled Toggle button Not Pressed.  You might have to tab and shift tab back to it and if Jaws doesn't report, Pressed, it's off.
5. If you tab 2 more times you'll find   a list of 3 Ad Block settings that you use your up and down arrow keys to change.  These options are, On click clickable, On specific sites clickable and On all sites
6. After making any setting changes they should take place immediately, but closing and restarting Chrome is good to do just to make sure.

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Hello Listers,


I tried listening live to a local radio station using Google Chrome, but it said I’d have to disable Add Blocker first. How does one do that? I had no trouble listening to that station using IE.



Paul Filpus


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