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Cynthia Bruce

Ha, good question, and I’m not convinced I can answer it well because I have never created one. So, Robin can probably explain better.


Essentially, it seems to be a series of power point slides that have a recorded narration. There are also buttons embedded in the slide sometimes to take you to other activities. Right now, I only hear the narration. I can’t read the text on the slide and cant navigate to any of the buttons to either go to activities or advance to the next slide.


Thanks, Robin, for your helpful comments – I will check them out.



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Subject: Re: narrated power points and JAWS


What do you mean by “narrated powerpoints”?





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Subject: narrated power points and JAWS


Hi All,


I am using JAWS 2020, and my new university employer is requiring that I complete training modules in a couple of different areas. The on line modules were created by the e-learning branch of our institution, and they seem to use narrated power points a lot. I am sure it is possible that I am missing something, but I have tried to access these multiple times and can’t get beyond the introductory slide. The screen just seems to be blank. I used Chrome since tis is what they recommended, but I have tried others using other browsers.


Is there a way to move through these, or am I out of luck?





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