moderated Re: Unable to install Stascom software that Mike B. Spoke of yesterday

Jim Weiss <jimweiss72@...>

Thanks Mike and Brian.
Brian:  Yes, that is the exact software I was referring to.  Thanks for the update on its EOS and EOL.  That is sad news as this sounded like a nifty little tool, I will have to keep an eye out for a replacement.
Mike:  Thanks for the ideas and instructions.  I am very new to Windows 10.  I will give them a try just to see if I can get it installed, but based on Brian’s last comment it sounds futile.

Jim Weiss

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On Oct 7, 2020, at 5:42 PM, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

Just as an aside, but I think it's an important one, Stascom 2019.4 is the final version of that software.  It is no longer supported, per the statement on the developer's page: "Stascom 2019.4 is the final version of the program. Due to other commitments I will not be able to add additional functionality to the package. This also means that I will not be providing e-mail support for the program."

Depending on exactly how it does what it does, it could eventually break, and if it does that's the end of the road.

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