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Mike B.

Hi Jim,
How about if you tell Defender to ignore the installer?  Also, do you have your system set to install apps from outside the MS Store?  Steps for both are below:
From: Brian Vogel
This question gets asked every once in a while, so having a dedicated topic in the archive seems prudent.  Credit to Joseph Lee for the step-by-step instructions,
which I have modified ever so slightly.
Adding & Removing Scan Exclusions in Windows Defender Security Center
The following steps were created using the Windows 10 Version 1803 version of Windows Defender Security Center:
list of 6 items
1. Open Windows Defender Security Center.
2. Navigate to Virus & threat protection pane then activate the Virus & threat protection settings link then activate the Add or remove exclusions link.
3. Select Add an exclusion.
4. Select File or Folder depending on what you wish to exclude.  Options for Process or a File type are also presented, but these are used relatively rarely.
5. Navigate to the file and/or folder where Defender is being told to skip scanning and press Enter.
6. When User Account Control appears, respond Yes to continue.
list end
If you wish to remove something from the exclusions list, follow steps 1 thru 3, but then select an item in the exclusions list, then click “Remove” and
respond Yes when UAC appears.
End of file app store steps are below.
To change your app download and installation options  to something other than the Microsoft Store do the following:
1. Windows + I, for settings and tab 1 time to, System.
2. Right arrow to, Apps,  press enter, and tab 1 time into the list of categories.
3. The first item in the list is, Apps and Features, press enter on this, and tab 1 time to the app install options combobox. 
4. Press, Alt + down arrow, to open the combobox.
There are four options:
1. only from the Microsoft Store.
2. Anywhere, but warn me if it's not from the Microsoft store.
3. anywhere but let me know if there is a comparable app in the Microsoft store.
 4. Anywhere.
5. Arrow up / down to the option you want and press enter.  Press, Alt + F4, to close and just to make sure your settings change takes effect, reboot your

Take care and stay safe.  Mike.
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Subject: Unable to install Stascom software that Mike B. Spoke of yesterday

The other day Mike wrote the list about a program called Stascom and I liked some of the features.  I downloaded the installer but I can’t complete the installation.  The best I can tell is Windows Defender is blocking and putting the executable in quarantine.  I am running Windows 10 version 2004 and it is fully patched as of 10/7/2020 and JAWS 2020 (the August version).  The software installs but on the first run I get a message that the process was blocked and my only option is “OK”.  If I navigate to the directory and run the program I get the same message and the executable disappears.
Any help is appreciated.  I am very new to Win 10.

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