moderated Re: Is the following a JAWS 2020 bug?

Adrian Spratt

You make a good distinction. The problem isn't the notification, but the fact that it might be necessary.

In my case, I don't get it often, and usually I can recognize something I did to cause it, such as trying to accomplish too much too fast.

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Subject: Re: Is the following a JAWS 2020 bug?

That item is unchecked for me, but I still get the announcement at times using Jaws 2021 beta.

I'm not sure it is a bug to be told Jaws is lost, that is a good feature; However, the fact that Jaws loses focus as much as it does is a bug in my opinion.

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You could press insert-V for the JAWS options dialog, type "focus"
without the quotes and ensure that focus loss announcement is not checked. As Jessica asked giving us more info might help.
Are you using the latest build of JAWS 2020 from August?
What version of Windows are you using?
If Windows 10 which build or version of Win10? You could type "winver"
in the run dialog to get this information.
Does this happen in a particular program?

David Goldfield,
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On 10/6/2020 9:19 AM, Jessica D wrote:
Hi Ron,

I'm not experiencing this issue.

Could you tell us more about your system?

What version of the Operating system are you running?
Is it the home or pro version?
Is your jaws up-to-date?



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Subject: Is the following a JAWS 2020 bug?

To my fellow subscribers.
Every time I turn around I hear Lost focus, press alt tab.
I hope this bug is fixed when 2021 is released.
Many thanks.

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