moderated Re: I'm encountering a very strange sound card issue with trying to switch JAWS to an internal card.

Don Risavy, Jr.

You'll need to make the external sound card the default card either by
searching for it through system settings (windows) or the control panel and
set it as the default sound card then have jaws use the on board sound card
which this can be done through jaws (insert+j), u for utilities and then
locate sound card settings and open it and then use the on board sound card
for jaws to use only instead of the default sound card which the default
sound card by default will be the on board sound card unless change it to
another sound card either an external one or internal one.
This wil allow for any sounds or audio/music to come out of the external
sound card and jaws will talk through the on board sound card only.
This is how have my computer set up to do as use my sound blaster Audigy
internal soundcard and separate speakers for music and any other audio and
then the on board Realtek sound card just for jaws.
So hope that might help.

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switch JAWS to an internal card.

Hi Orlando.

If you plug in headphones into the Yeti while Starting Windows, you'll hear
your sounds through it. I agree, it's annoying, but at least I know what to

Kevin and Jilly the flying doggie

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At 12:28 PM 10/3/2020, Mike B wrote:
>To my knowledge, which isn't much, when playing music or system sounds
they >have to come through the computers internal default sound card. I've
never >been able to figure out how to make music and system sounds use the
external >sound card so Jaws could be the only thing using the default
internal >sound card. If someone can tell us how to do this I would be
eternally >grateful as well.

Windows allows any registered device to play any application's audio, with
the exception of system sounds, which are always mapped to the default audio
device. So, if your media player shows up in the sound mixer applet or the
old SNDVol control, you can have it play through any device you have. You
can even have different media players or web browsers play through different
audio devices from the default.

Thank God, your question has a simple answer. Speaking of Yeti, I have a
Blue Yeti stereo USB microphone that sounds fantastic and has four polarity
patterns. However, one of the "features" that probably seemed like a good
idea to the Yeti's developers is proving to be a throbbing headache for me.
The Yeti has a stereo eighth-inch headphone jack intended to allow users to
monitor their mic output without intermediary devices. The problem is that
this headphone output shows up in Windows as a Yeti speaker, which is, of
course, a phantom silent device. Disabling it in its properties is the only
way to keep it from appearing. Uninstalling it via the Device Manager only
lasts until plug&play picks it up during the next reboot.
Most annoying of all, Windows defaults to this phantom Yeti device

during installations, in the advanced boot menu and safe mode. I've combed
the registry for references to it. Why this phantom device would end up
being the pre-Windows default boggles my mind, and there's apparently
nothing I can do to make Windows use my USB audio device or the
motherboard's sound card to run narrator before Windows proper loads.
My only workaround is to unplug the Yeti from its USB port whenever I know
I'll be using Narrator before Windows loads with my actual sound
Riddle me all this, my fellow blind geniuses!
Orlando Enrique Fiol
Charlotte, North Carolina
Professional Pianist/Keyboardist, Percussionist and Pedagogue

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