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mike mcglashon

Hi guys:


I figured I’d chime in here since I use multiple desktops a ton in law school;

One desktop for each class I take;

To open new ones on the fly,

Do control + windows + d (simultaneously)


To close the current desktop you are currently in,

Do control + windows + f4 (simultaneously)

If there are any apps or programs open when you do this,

It will close them in that desktop as you close the desktop itself;



If you have a program like outlook open,

When you open it in one desktop,

It is open across all the desktops you have open;


When you close one desktop with control+windows+f4,

All the apps in that desktop are closed,

But you will still find outlook open in all the other desktops you have open;


I hope I have not confused you too badly;



Please advise as you like.


Mike M.


Mike mcglashon

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