moderated Re: Working with multiple desktops in windows 10, using Jaws?

Chris Hill

If you mean by that, one with no apps running, hit windows-tab, tab, then right arrow to where it says new desktop.  All desktops should still have the icons on them.

On 10/5/2020 10:08, Jessica D wrote:
Is there a way to make a blank desktop? 


On Oct 5, 2020, at 10:56 AM, Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...> wrote:

If you create a second, third or whatever desktop, it will create an exact copy of your main Desktop with all the icons.

What Desktops are for is to use them if you need to work with many applications, say you have 5 applicartions open for work, but you want to have a few apps or browser tabs open for personal use, you can then create a second desktop and do that there. Now switch back to Desktop 1 and continue to do your work stuff, when you want to do anything personal go to Desktop 2 where you can do that.

You can easily go back and forth between desktop 1 and 2 by pressing Windows Key + Control + Right or left arrow, e.g. if you are on desktop 2 and you want to go back to desktop 1, press Windows Key + Control + Left arrow, Jaws wills ay "Desktop 1", press Windows Key + Control + Right arrow when you are on Desktop 1 and Jaws will say Desktop 2 and that is where you now are.


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Subject: Working with multiple desktops in windows 10, using Jaws?




I created another desktop, to keep things tighty.


I’m wondering how to access this other desktop?


I did some research earlier, & found that you can press windows+tab, to access your list of virtual desktops.

Once I was in the list, jaws announced, “desktop 1” or “desktop 2” respectively.


However, when I pressed space on, “desktop 2” nothing seemed to happen, because I still saw my 28 icons, which are on my original desktop.


Can anyone tell me how to navigate this area of windows?






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