moderated Re: I'm encountering a very strange sound card issue with trying to switch JAWS to an internal card.

Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 10:01 AM 10/3/2020, Kevin Minor wrote:
I have no idea what's going on. Yesterday I purchased a Yeti USB mic.
It has a built in sound card, so I can route other sounds to it. I
thought it would be nice to listen to music through the Yeti and have
JAWS come out my external card. Well, it would be nice, except it
doesn't work. I tried this, and JAWS goes silent. I have to set it to
either the Yeti or the default device to get speech back. If I change
the Windows default sound to my internal card, all is well.
Any ideas?
If your Blue Yeti is the same as mind, its built-in sound card is only intended for its own input, not input from Windows applications. The only way you'll get sound out of the Yeti is through headphones plugged into its 8-inch jack on the microphone's bottom.
Your problem is the same as mine: the Yeti shows up in Windows asas both a microphone (which it is) and a speaker (which it ain't). I'm somewhat curious now to plug headphones into the Yeti, assign JaWS to it and listen for any sound.
This phantom Yeti speaker is exactly what I get whenever Narrator runs before my Windows user profile and sound configuration load.


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