moderated Re: Go to next link, whether visited or not

Adrian Spratt

Pressing insert-F7 brings up a list of the links on the webpage, and they’re shown in succession. If your focus is on the current link, chances are that opening the links list there will place you in the list at or near that link and the next. I find this varies by website.


From: <> On Behalf Of Mark
Sent: Sunday, October 4, 2020 9:09 AM
Subject: Go to next link, whether visited or not


I'm on web content where I want to go to the next link. However, I don't know whether it is a visited or unvisited link.
Is there a navigation quick key to move to the next link, whether it is visited or not? The tab key goes to the next focusable item, and there could be several buttons or input fields between the Virtual PC cursor and the next link.

I've searched the documentation and this list for any existing help. Couldn't find any.

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