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Marty Hutchings

Neither.  In fact, one of the drives used was brand new, because I first thought that the drive was corrupted.
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From: Chris Hill
Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2020 7:20 AM
Subject: Re: Files not showing up

You pulled the drive before the copying was done, or the drive is defective would be my top two guesses.



On 9/30/2020 23:50, Marty Hutchings wrote:

I am using Windows 7 and the latest JAWS on a desktop computer that I copied a folder with 2 subfolders containing Word documents onto a flash drive.  I gave a friend this flash drive .  the first sub folder has over 200 Word documents, some .doc and some .docx files and the second sub folder had 11 Word documents in it.  My friend has 2 laptops both running Windows 10.  He is not a JAWS user as he is sighted.  When he plugs this flash drive in to either of these computers, he can see the folder and subfolders, but when he opens the subfolders, there are no files in them.  Can any one please tell me why?  We first thought that the flash drive was corrupt, so he gave me another drive to try and the same thing happened.  Both drives work fine on my computer, that is I can access the files.

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