moderated Would anyone know how to do a message rule?

Ron Kolesar

Hello to all.
Would appreciate it if anyone would know how to create a message rule, to
ship that knowledge my way please.
In WLM, it was oh so easy.
You had four columns from left to right.
The first column I always down arrowed until I saw Where To or CC contains
I always made sure that one was checked.
I think I'm stuck on step two within Outlook's message rules instructions.
If anyone could show me via keyboard commands the following:
1. where the name of the rule goes.
2. Where the e-mail address for that rule goes.
3. How to make sure the mail has a audio sound and goes into the correct
Many thanks.
Ron who's still learning how to use the outlook mail package with JAWS 2020

In the good old days of Morse code Shorthand, 73's AKA Best Regards and or
Best Whishes,From Ron Kolesar Volunteer Certified Licensed Emergency
Communications Station And Volunteer Certified Licensed Ham Radio Station
With the Call Sign of KR3DOG Who's now also Ares and NIMS Certified as well

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