moderated Re: I'm having trouble installing Kindle on the latest Windows 10 2004 build.

Randy Barnett <blindmansbluff09@...>

Did you download it from the Microsoft store or from Amazon? Sometimes universal apps i.e. MS store dont work with jaws or other screenreaders for that matter.

Try useing an earlier version of Jaws to see if it is Jaws 2020 or Kindle.

On 9/29/2020 5:40 PM, Kevin Minor wrote:



I’ve called Amazon on this issue, and they’re stumped. I tried to install the Kindle app on this PC. It goes through the process of installing, then it disappears, and I’m back in the download folder. There’s a shortcut on the desktop, and when I try to use it, JAWS 2020 does report a list of 0 books, then I’m thrown right back on the desktop. I’ve checked both the sys tray and open programs, but it ain’t there. Any ideas?


Thanks in advance for any help.

Kevin and Jilly

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