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Yes, 2 of the most useful tools are mostly useless for us... I really dont understand why it is so hard to make Favorites and History easy to use. first letter navigation and a file tree is all it would take. Not multiple list boxes that dont work unless you do 2 or 3 work arounds and jumping from box to box is stupid.

On 9/28/2020 5:21 PM, Gudrun Brunot wrote:

Klaus: Sorry, but I may be responding way too late for this to be of use to you, but here goes:


I understand where you’re coming from, and I have my own method for maintaining my favorites as a navigable folder structure on my desktop—‘cause that’s precisely where I want them and nowhere else if I can help it:


Say I find something with Chrome, and I want it in my trusty old favorites structure. I hit alt-d to go to the address bar. Control-c to copy. Now, I fire up my little old, out-of-date Internet Explorer. Most of the times, it will still open. I hit control-o to open. Paste in my URL; hit enter. Again, more often than not, The website opens. I don’t care if it opens sluggishly, as long as it opens. Now, I use the same old IE command to add to favorites. There you go. Yes, it’s cumbersome, but I just can’t get to feeling at home in that Chrome favorites management deal. My default browser is, for the time being, Google Chrome, and that’s how the URL will open. It’s just that I have my comfortable structure with logically organized links in folders, or in second-level subfolders under first-level parent folders. It’s part of my organizational file system, and it’s so established that I just want to keep it that way, no matter how crazy it may seem.









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Hello Brian,


tried the approach via the favorites manager - still quite cumbersome.

It seems to me that longterm maintaining the IE favorites file on the desktop is much more efficient:

I will still save the favorite in the Edge Browser with Control + d

Additionally however - and this is certainly more work

1. Go with control + l and copy the web address of the page in Edce

2. Open the IE favorites on the desktop

3. create new shortcut with the application menue.

After this I have the convienience of handling all subsequent accesses with keyboard searches etc from the desktop file.



On 7/6/2020 4:58 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

Now that NVDA is reinstalled, I find that I can't use first letter navigation in Favorites manager.  It's much faster to use the search feature to limit what shows up in the right side pane.  

It's very, very much like file explorer in layout, and if you know what you're looking for a couple of characters in the search box tends to really cut down on what's available in the actual favorites list in the right pane.


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