moderated Having Trouble With Desktop Shortcut For Newly-Installed Program

Tom Behler

Hello, everyone.


I’m trying to put a shortcut on the desktop for a new program I’ve just installed onto my Windows 10 PC, but can’t get the shortcut to work.  The shortcut appears on the desktop, but when I hit enter on it, nothing happens.


What am I missing?


Here are the instructions I used to create the desktop shortcut:


  1. Press the windows key and search for the program.
  2. When you find the program, do not press  enter, press the context key or shift F10.
  3. Press enter on the open fie location option. The cursor is in the location of the executable file.
  4. Press the context key or shift F10 again on the file.
  5. Arrow to the send to submenu. Shortcut N.
  6. Select the desktop create shortcut from this submenu, short cut D.
  7. Check the desktop for the new shortcut.




Thanks for any help.


Tom Behler



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