moderated Re: Jaws and Windows10 info pages

Richard Turner

For what it is worth, Jaws 2020 August release for me is mostly useless in those windows. 

However, I just tried it with the Jaws 2021 beta and everything reads fine.

With Jaws 2020 if you use the Touch cursor things read, but how to activate something is a mystery to me.

I usually turn off Jaws and launch Narrator when I am in Windows settings since it reads fine.





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From: <> On Behalf Of Phil Cox
Sent: Sunday, September 27, 2020 5:21 AM
Subject: Jaws and Windows10 info pages


Hello All
I have had to replace my C-drive and therefore had to reinstall Jaws. I think I used to be able to read Windows 10 info such as the Action Center and there was a edit box displayed when you went to settings using the Windows-key + I command with Jaws 2020. But I can only read them with Jaws cursor now and the left and right mouse click do not always work.


Is everybody else reading these pages OK?
If so, does anybody know what Jaws setting I need to change to allow reading of these pages again?





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