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Dave Durber

I do not have a preference. The one I have at present, is a standard keyboard. It only has one Windows key. While it has an Applications key, it does not work with my HP Pavillion DV6 laptop, so I always need to use SHIFT+F10, to open the Applications menue. The set of keys between the main keyboard and the number pad, only has 5 keys, With the DELETE key being the size of the INSERT and DELETE keys, very inconvenient, especially if you need to use the insert key.

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First off do you want a mechanical or standard keyboard? I have both.The mechanical one I have is  a little light on the touch. I'd like it to be stiffer my standard Logitech keyboard isNice but Nice bud I would use The mechanical one more if the keys were a little stiffer.
 G skill mechanical keyboards are nice just make sure you get the stiffer keys. And of course logitech K-series are excellent. Both brands of keyboards have ones that do both Bluetooth and wireless with a little dongle.

Randy Barnett

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Hello everyone:
My ten-year-old wireless keyboard, like me,  is definetly getting knackered, and showing its age. Some of the keys are getting stiff when I depress them, and the on/off switch, does not work properly all the time.
I am looking for a wireless keyboard, which has 2 Windows keys, and has the 6-pack of keys between the main keyboard and the number pad. I am not that bothered if the keyboard does not have the additional keys for launching certain programs and for raising and lowering the volume, and muting the sound. Oh! yes! I am only interested in US style keyboards.
Thank you for any and all suggestions

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