moderated Downloading a pdf with JAWS Google chrome drive pdf viewer


I am trying to download a pdf that opens in drive pdf viewer with
Google classroom JAWS2020 but there is no download button to be found.
I tried pressing alt with f to see if I can get a file menu and also
to disable the virtual cursor in order to tab around and see if I can
locate a download button but again I cannot find it.
I know that Google has made changes to drive and the layout has gotten
a bit more complicated so I am wondering if anyone has steps to locate
this button?
I pressed enter on the actions button and details and I was able to
see that viewers do have permission to download the file.
I know that the pdf can be opened in Google docs but I would prefer
to be able to download the pdf since there is mathematical content I
need to email out and I want it displayed correctly.
Thank you in advance for any responses.

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