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Richard Turner

Thanks for the point about Excel. That is a significant bug out of the way.

And, thanks for a good laugh about being older than 25 and still working pretty well. Great line!

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Subject: JAWS 20212 beta, wonderful things!

Two notes on the beta:

1. Eudora works well with it! FS says they nno longer support Eudora, and I have to install the old scripts to make it work. But with 2020, the graphics for items like 'read" and "unread" absolutely did not work. With 2021, I had to build the .JGF file, but it works! I realize that using a 25-year-old email program is pretty retro, but I am delighted that it still works! I'm older than 25, and I still work pretty well.

2. In Excel, When typing data into a cell and then tabbing, neither JAWS nor NVDA would read the first character typed. So if you entered 4321, JAWS would say 321. With 2021, JAWS speaks all four characters.

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