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Larry Wayland

The best way I have found to use Jaws with Zoom without everyone hearing Jaws is to use a head set with a microphone.




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So, what if I want to share sound, or music, through zoom without having everyone hear JAWS?






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With your Zoom client open, Tab to the tab list and go to the Home tab.  Tab to the Share Options button dropdown and hit Space.  Down arrow to the Share Computer Sound check box and hit Space to check it.  Now, what ever you hear from your computer will also be recorded and heard by your meeting participants.  You may want to do a test to check the levels, as JAWS may be too loud.  HTH


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Subject: Jaws with Zoom


Hello all,

I am trying to record a Zoom meeting and I need my Jaws voice to be heard. When I play a practice recording, the Jaws voice is really low in the background. I have tried turning my volume up to 100 percent with no success. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


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